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[audio]14) Simon - The Russians are Coming - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Radio Show about the turmoil many Russians had to go through in order to make rock music. Featuring the musical fruits of all their hard work.
Keywords: Yegor Letov; Yanka Dyagileva; Won James Won; Auktyon; Leonid Fedorov; Hvost; Russian Music; Radio Show; Russia
Downloads: 120
[audio]4simonmutantpop - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Keywords: mutant; pop
Downloads: 71
[audio]16) Simon - Swedish Spaceflights - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Orson Welles' character in The Third Man claimed that neutral countries like Sweden and Switzerland have given the world nothing but the Cuckoo Clock. Sweden wasn't so neutral when it came to music though, that's for sure. Listen to this show as proof.
Keywords: Swedish Rock; International Harvester; Komeda; Parson Sound; Arbete Och Fritid; Sweden; Sverige; The Creeps; Samla Mammas Manna; Von Zamla; Lars Hollmer; Algarnas Tradgard; Stina Nordenstam
Downloads: 102
[audio]8:Simon - The Good Country - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Shock! Horror! Good country music.
Keywords: country; Americana; alternative; Holy Modal Rounders; Jayhawks; Munly; Gothic; Radio
Downloads: 170
[audio]5simonpsychedelicfolk - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
psychedelic folk
Keywords: psychedelic; folk
Downloads: 118
[audio]59) Simon - Avant-Prog - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A stiff antidote to FM Radio. Through an hour of limit-pushing weirdness and Martian approximation of pop music, prepare to have your expectations of what exactly constitutes a rock song shattered to tiny pieces.
Keywords: Rock in Opposition; Avant-Prog; Zeuhl; Quirk-Pop; Magma; Degenerate Art Ensemble; Robert Wyatt; Jazz-Rock; Experimental Rock; Experimental; Avant-Garde; New Wave; Eiko Ishibashi; Tatsuya Yoshida; Henry Cow; Ruins; News From Babel; Art Bears; The Fibonaccis; Cabaret; No Secrets in the Family; This Heat; Post-Punk; Gareth Williams; Flaming Tunes; Punk; Kni Crik; Christian Vander; Krautrock; Julian Cope; Etron Fou Leloublan; Ferdinand et la philosophes; King Crimson; Art Rock; Art Pop; Vanguarda Paulista; Arrigo Barnabe; Ensemble Havadia; Opera; Progressive Rock; Progressive Pop; Outsider Music, Julian Cope, Karuna Khyal, Brast Burn
Downloads: 121
[audio]7simonelectronic - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Electronic music show
Keywords: electronic; music
Downloads: 66
[audio]3simonpostpsyche - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
post psychedelic radio show
Keywords: post; psychedelic; radio; show
Downloads: 93
[audio]Simon - The Sunday Service - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Special show put together for Brighton Festival Radio. One for all you funk-soul brothers (and sisters) out there!
Keywords: Funk; Soul; Nathaniel Mayer; Reverend; Brighton Festival; Donny Hathaway; African; Lou Bond; Swamp Dogg; Dixie Cups; Bloodstone; Terry Callier; James Carr; Southern Soul; Exorcism; P-Funk; Mutiny; Bloodstone
Downloads: 62
[audio]84) Simon - Avant Belgium - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
The music of Belgium could be bizarre, barmy, bonkers and various other b-words. If you don't believe me, you will by the time this hour's through. (Bed: Cro Magnon - Ludwig Zum Bahnhof) 1) Univers Zero - Triomphe Des Mouches 2) Aksak Maboul - Inoculating Rabies 3) Maan - Define My Day 4) Razen - Hand of Ramasse 5) Maskesmachine - Voor Mij Zedde Gij Schoon 6) Orphan Fairytale - Secret Beaches 7) The Hat Shoes - The Woman of Chemovitzy 8) The Honeymoon Killers - Laisse Tomber Les Filles 9) Bene G...
Keywords: Belgium; Avant-Garde; Rock In Opposition; Kraak; Avant-Prog; Univers Zero; Punk; Post-Punk; Minimal Wave; Coldwave; Minimal Synth; Razen; Tribal; Maskesmachine; Folk; Avant-Folk; Electronic; The Hat Shoes; Catherine Jauniaux; Orphan Fairytale; Honeymoon Killers; New Wave; Bene Gesserit; Gruppenbild; Vitor Hublot; Guy Clerbois; Company of State; Belgian Music; Django Reinhardt; Jacques Brel; French Music; Chanson; Henry Cow; Aksak Maboul; Marc Hollander; Chris Cutler; Fred Frith; Dagmar Krause; Julian Cope; Head Heritage; Psychedelic Rock; Cro Magnon; Bartok
Downloads: 73
[audio]43) Simon - Freak Folk - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Break all the rules and embrace your inner-freak with this 60-minute show covering the lively and quirky underground freak folk scene that's quietly taken over the music industry over the last few years. These liberated souls are just about as free and freaky as they come and all are experts at making ramshackle melodies that stay in your head for days.
Keywords: Free Folk; Freak Folk; Indie Folk; Big Blood; Happy Jawbone Family Band; Psychedelic Folk; The Fugs; Only a Mother; Tuvan Throat Singing; Oidupaa Vladimir Ouin; Cerberus Shoal; Prince Rama; Prince Rama of Ayodhya; WFMU; Free Folk; The Cherry Blossoms; Azalia Snail; Vinter; Paavoharju; The Rolling Stones; Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores; Alvarius B; Sun City Girls; Charming Hostess; Faun Fables; Avant-Folk, Devendra Banhart; Joanna Newsom
Downloads: 163
[audio]76) Simon - Rain In Spain - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Prepare to embark on an expedition through some of Spain's more unsung musical acts, including Spanish psyche, folk, disco, synth pop, ye-ye, indie and even medieval Spanish music. Te amo, Espana! Songs played on the show: (Bed: Los Amaya- Bailen Mi Rumbita) 1) Dolores Vargas - Amana Hip 2) Expresion - La Luz Del Fin Del Mundo 3) Los Iberos - Fantastic Girl 4) Morena Y Clara - No Llores Mas 5) Jeanette - Porque Te Vas 6) Jules Tropicana - Come On 7) Esplendor Geometrico - Moscu Esta Helado 8) Va...
Keywords: Spanish Music; Psychedelic Rock; Psyche Pop; Ye-ye; Flamenco; Rumba; Acid Rock; Disco; Italo-Disco; Spanish Disco; Psychedelic Folk; Free Folk; Progressive Rock; Religious Music; Medieval Music; Industrial; Minimal Synth; Synth Pop; Indie Rock; Folk Rock; Delores Vargas; Espresion; Morena Y Clara; Porque Te Vas; Jeanette; Cria Cuervos; Twee Pop; Jules Tropicana; Esplendor Geometrico; Vam Cyborg; Calamus; Vainica Doble; Can Am Des Puig; Alicia Granados; Ye-ye; Los 3 Sudamericanos; Spanish Pop; Euro-Disco, Fuzz Rock, Wah Rock, Post-Punk
Downloads: 111
[audio]39) Simon - Noise Rock - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Rock music has always straddled the line between order and chaos. This 60-minute show on Noise Rock covers some of those bands that skewed more towards the chaotic side of things, whilst still somehow managing to remain fairly melodic.
Keywords: Noise Rock; Shoegazer; Psychedelic; Noise Pop; Dream Pop; Drone; Les Rallizes Denudes; Prolapse; Yegor Letov; Kommunizm; Indie Rock; Clinic; Th' Faith Healers; Corpses as Bedmates; Venus Handcuffs; Thinking Fellers Union; Hard Rock; Feedback; Fuzz Rock; King Loser; Abba; Laddio Bolocko; High Rise; Radio Show; Tinnitus; Podcast; Experimental Rock
Downloads: 213 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]simons comedy programme - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
a mix of Robin Williamson of Incredible String Band reading a funny story , Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Fire sign theatre from the 60's,
Keywords: Comedy
Downloads: 157
[audio]simons post punk - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A most informative and comprehensive mix of cool post punk sounds you have to hear it to believe it
Keywords: post punk
Downloads: 278 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]33) Simon - Jingle Jangle Mornings - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
An hour's worth of invigorating Jangle Pop music from Indie's early days, with a couple of sweet '60s tunes thrown in for good measure. Loaded with informative commentary on everything played. Enjoy!
Keywords: Jangle Pop; Jangle Rock; Indie; C86; The Soft Boys; Robyn Hitchcock; The Wolfhounds; Postcard Records; Orange Juice; Josef K; Talulah Gosh; Primal Scream; The June Brides; The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band; Jacobites; Nikki Sudden; The Go-Betweens; Blue Orchids; The King of Luxembourg; Simon Fisher Turner; El Records; Barbara Manning; R.E.M; Edwyn Collins; Beat Happening; Pylon; Post-Punk
Downloads: 126
[audio]11)Simon - A Little Bit of Soul - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
The Good Reverend Simon presents a 60-minute dose of soul-stirring sounds for your listening pleasure.
Keywords: Soul; Shuggie Otis; Allen Toussaint; Staple Sisters; Reverend; Preacher; Cymande; Smooth
Downloads: 134
[audio]85) Simon - Ethereal Wave - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Sit back and allow yourself to waft away for an hour of clouds and shadows given voice. Songs played on the show: (Bed: Cocteau Twins - Aikea Guinea Alternative Version) 1) Fleur - Medallion 2) Dip In The Pool - Rabo Del Sol 3) Shelleyan Orphan - Blue Black Grape 4) Chinatsu Kuzuu - Nature Rewards Me 5) Basque - Falling Forward 6) Lys & Louisa John-Krol - Kunmanngur 7) Kuroyuri Shimai - Pour Ce Se d'Amer 8) Moral - Dance of the Dolls 9) Pale Cocoon - Musoukyoku 10) Theatre of Cyrene - 1'ere Gymn...
Keywords: Ethereal Wave; Dream Pop; Darkwave; Gothic Rock; Ambient Pop; Post-Punk; Neoclassical Darkwave; Baroque Pop; Folk Pop; Renaissance; Medieval Folk; Cocteau Twins; Dead Can Dance; Fleur; Dip In The Pool; Post-Punk; The Cure; Shelleyan Orphan; Chinatsu Kuzuu; Basque; Female Singers; Lys; Louisa John-Krol; Kuroyuri Shimai; Moral; Danish; Pale Cocoon; Satie; Theatre of Cyrene; Japanese Ethereal; Rise and Fall of a Decade; Heavenly Voices; Fairy World; Trees Dance; Caprice; Lord of the Rings; My Bloody Valentine; Elven Music; New Age; Shoegaze; Twin Peaks, 4AD
Downloads: 79
[audio]13) Simon - Soy Loco Por Ti, Brasil - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
An attempt to prove that Brazil was home to some of the world's best music from the late '60s to the early '70s. Great Tropicalia, MPB (Musica Popular Brasileir) and Bossanova all feature herein. The perfect crash-course into the loco world of Brazilian music.
Keywords: Caetano Veloso; Brazil; MPB; Gilberto Gil; Os Mutantes; Tropicalia; Portuguese; Radio Show
Downloads: 193 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]6simonkrautrockshow - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
krautrock documentary
Keywords: kraut; rock
Downloads: 136
[audio]29) Simon - Industrial - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A bleak and unremitting exploration of the Industrial music scene that emerged in the early '80s, when hundreds of headstrong anarchists broke all the rules and helped change music for good in the process. Though the music contained within may be challenging, it's also incredibly ahead of its time and well worth delving into by all you adventurous experimentalists out there...
Keywords: Industrial; Post-Punk; Experimental; SPK; Test Dept; Igor Wakhevitch; Electronic; Progressive; Minimal Man; Radio Show; Mark Stewart; Dome; Chrome; Circle X; Metabolist; Wire; Savage Republic; Krautrock; Alaistair Galbraith; Richard Youngs; Drone; Zone; Recommended Records; Noise Rock; The Sugarhill Gang
Downloads: 122
[audio]23) Simon - Tour de France - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Bon jour, mes petites. C'est moi, Michel Simon. Take a one-hour tour of the French music industry with me, and we'll hear everything from '60s Ye-Ye pop music to strange '70s prog with lyrics in a made-up language. Ecouter!
Keywords: French music; France; Jacqueline Taieb; France Gall; Ye-Ye; Zeuhl; Clothilde; Catherine Ribeiro; Radio Show; Podcast; Archaia; Prog; Michel Polnareff; Emmanuelle Parrenin; Serge Gainsbourg; Etron Fou Leloublan; Rock in Opposition; Albert Marcoeur; Antena; Camino Del Sol; Louis Philippe; Trip-Hop
Downloads: 167
[audio]25) Simon - Abstract Hip-Hop - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
An antidote to those harbouring the delusion that all Hip-Hop is obsessed with gold medallions and cookie-cutter beats. This explores Hip-Hop's weirder side, where the rules get thrown out of the window and almost anything goes.
Keywords: Abstract Hip Hop; Rap; Experimental; Industrial; The Freestyle Fellowship; Curse Ov Dialect; Mike Ladd; Divine Styler; Jazz; Jazz Rap; Comus; Antipop Consortium; Conscious Hip Hop; Gonjasufi; Busdriver; Czech Hip Hop; Dalek; Faust; Old Skool; Beat Bop; Style Wars; Green Futures; Gil Scott-Heron; Last Poets
Downloads: 271
[audio]19) Simon - Chicks With Licks - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Women get the fuzzy end of the lollypop when it comes to the rock industry, despite clearly being just as if not more talented than most of their male counterparts. This show attempts to redress the balance with some strange and funky bursts of energy from these quirky rock vixens
Keywords: ESG; Delta 5; Julie Driscoll; Girl Power; Dagmar Krause; Phew; Barbara Manning; Essential Logic; The Raincoats; Women; Female; UT; Radio Show; OOIOO; Boredoms; Lizzy Mercier Descloux; Gal Costa; Bjork; Sugarcubes; Can; Krautrock; Dolly Mixture; Kurt Weill; Brecht; Cabaret; No Wave; Post-Punk
Downloads: 138
[audio]49) Simon - Caught By The Fuzz - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
60 minutes of some of the most gonzoid, tripped out fuzzathons ever recorded! May the fuzz be with you.
Keywords: Fuzz; Fuzz Rock; Psychedelic Rock; Tropicalia; Egor Letov; Jacques Dutronc; Garage Rock; Kommunizm; Gilberto Gil; Gal Costa; Davie Allen and the Arrows; Surf Rock; Noise Rock; Swamp Rats; African Music; The Hykkers; Chico's Magnetic Band; Jean-Pierre Massiera; Les Maledictus Sound; Ennio Morricone; A Lizard in a Woman's Skin; Deficit Des Annees Anteurieures; DDAA; Experimental Rock; Can; Malcolm Mooney; Velvet Underground; Michael Yonkers; Wah-Wah; Fuzzbox
Downloads: 165
[audio]67) Simon - Proto-Punk - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
An hour's worth of sizzling early punk anthems put out in that no-man's land before Punk Rock music had a name! Songs played on the show: (Bed: Gizmos - Mean Screen) 1) Death - Politicians In My Eyes 2) Rocket From the Tombs - So Cold 3) The Mirrors - Annie 4) The Electric Eels - Anxiety 5) The Hollywood Brats - Sick On You 6) Los Saicos - Demolicion 7) John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel 8) One Way Streets - Jack The Ripper 9) Amon Duul II - Ladies Mimicry 10) Neu - Hero 11) Yoko Ono - Why
Keywords: Punk Rock; Proto-Punk; Post-Punk; Garage Rock; Krautrock; Experimental Rock; Yoko Ono; Neu; Amon Duul 2; The Velvet Underground; One Way Streets; Surf Rock; John Cale; Pere Ubu; Rocket From the Tombs; Death; The Mirrors; The Electric Eels; Hawkwind; The Deviants; Art Rock; The Hollywood Brats; Glam Rock, Lester Bangs, Peter Laughner, The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, MC5, Noise Rock
Downloads: 147
[audio]22) Simon - Jah Is I and I - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
An irie and uplifting show on roots reggae. Beautiful melodies, deep spiritual ethos, biting political commentary and insane, hypnotic production... Praise be to Jah for bringing this awesome music to the world!
Keywords: Reggae; Rocksteady; Dadawah; Burning Spear; Roots; Jah; Rastafarian; Mark Stewart; Dub; Lee Scratch Perry; The Upsetters; Babylon; Mighty Diamonds; Nyabinghi; Ras Michael; Heptones; Congos; Yabby You; Marcus Garvey; Radio Show; Green Futures
Downloads: 137
[audio]32) Simon - The Experimental Institution - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A one hour musical trip inside a mental patient's brain. Only recommended for the very sound of mind, for it is very probable that you will find yourself becoming completely mentally unhinged before the hour's over thanks to the wild and unpredictable music contained within. Are you feeling lucky...?
Keywords: Experimental; Asylum; Mental Hospital; Avant-Garde; Midori; Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft; Radio Show; Podcast; Psychedelic; Cromagnon; Caroliner; The Work; Post-Punk; Rock in Opposition; Avant-Prog; Yodeling; Feral Chickens; Aksak Maboul; Freak Out; Won James Won; Noise Rock; Ground Zero; Philemon Arthur and the Dung; Psychedelic Folk; Prince Rama of Ayodhya; Art Bears; Dariush Dolat-Shahi; Krautrock
Downloads: 145
[audio]91) Simon - Anarcho-Punk - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Right all the wrongs with an hour of anarchic punk songs tackling subjects such as capitalism, sexism, animal cruelty, deforestation, war, homelessness and more. Songs played on the show: (Bed: Subhumans – Dying World) 1) Conflict– The Guilt & The Glory 2) Lost Cherrees – Why Does It Have to be a Dream? 3) Chumbawamba – More Whitewashing 4) Hagar the Womb – One Bright Spark 5) Honey Bane – Girl on the Run 6) Crass – Sentiment 7) The Ex – White Liberals 8) Poison Girls – Fear of...
Keywords: Anarcho-Punk; Crust Punk; Protest Music; Post-Punk; Liberal; Revolution; Crass; The Clash; Chumbawamba; Hagar the Womb; Honey Bane; The Ex; Poison Girls; Astronauts; Androids of Mu; Zounds; Flux of Pink Indians; Veganism; Animal Rights; Green Party; Thrash; Squat; Pacifism; Homelessness; Sexism; Conflict; Subhumans; Lost Cherrees; Indie; Crass Records; Mortarhate; Capitalism; Socialism; Communism
Downloads: 22
[audio]18) Simon - The Japanswer Radio Show - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Japan has got to be the most schizophrenic country in the world (though it has close competition from England). How does this nation of supposedly polite and restrained people manage to spew forth the most wild and extreme music ever made? That's a hard one, but there's some stunning music to listen to here while you dwell on it.
Keywords: Japan; Japanese Music; High Rise; Bondage Fruit; Experimental; J Pop; Akino Arai; Jun Togawa; Yoko Ono; Altered States; Ground Zero; Ghost; PDF; Haco; After Dinner; Radio Show; Tokyo Kid Brothers; Nippon
Downloads: 124 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]35) Simon - Ragas to Riches - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
So you've heard Within You Without You by The Beatles, but have you ever tried to listen to the Hindustani Classical Music which inspired it? Well, now you can. Some of the musicians featured in this 60-minute show would spend their every waking hour for years on end trying to master their instruments. And as this show demonstrates, all their hard work and extreme concentration more than paid off. Enjoy- and don't let your exposure to Indian Classical Music and Ragas end here!
Keywords: Hindustani Classical Music; Raga; Indian Classical Music; Ravi Shankar; Nikhil Banerjee; Sitar; George Harrison; Electronic; Qawalli; Spiritual; Shivkumar Sharma; Ali Akbar Khan; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Ustad Allauddin Khan; Dariush Dolat Shahi; Wonderwall; Tabla; Psychedelia; Radio Show; Ram Narayan
Downloads: 278
[audio]53) Simon - Glam Rock - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
It's time to reappraise Glam Rock as the perfect pop genre it is. Dig out those knee-high boots, that skin-tight silver leotard and your old make up kit and rock out to these forgotten bubbleglam classics! Herein lies some of the silliest and most entertaining music of the '70s.
Keywords: Glam Rock; Bubblegum Pop; Glitter; Art Rock; Brian Eno; Steve Harley; Cockney Rebel; Sparks; Lou Reed; Space Waltz; Sadistic Mika Band; Yodelling; Velvet Tinmine; Velvet Goldmine; Jonathan King; Ricky Wilde; Sisters; Doctors of Madness; Proto-Punk; Hard Rock; Simon Turner; Jobriath; John Howard; Del; Quirky Pop; Art Pop; Screemer; Science Fiction; Sci-Fi; The Rats; Marc Bolan; T-Rex; David Bowie; Slade; Mud; The Sweet; Alice Cooper; Androgynous; Podcast
Downloads: 183
[audio]34) Simon - Space Rock - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Prepare to embark on a mind-melting voyage into the outer reaches of the galaxy with this hour-long show on the extreme psychedelic sub-genre known as Space Rock. Bon voyage!
Keywords: Space Rock; Acid Rock; Psychedelic Rock; Shoegaze; Fuzz; Science Fiction; Hawkwind; Boredoms; Acid Mothers Temple; The Heads; Von LMO; Chrome; Jam; Guitar Pyrotechnics; Pink Floyd; Radio Show; Space Travel; Legendary Pink Dots; Edward Ka-Spel
Downloads: 285
[audio]24) Simon - Modern Classical - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
If the word "classical" makes you think of something old and musty, this show should change your mind. Modern Classical encompasses everything from early electronic experiments, film scores, angelic/hellish choirs, gorgeous '70s progressive works and everything else in between. Enjoy the show!
Keywords: Modern Classical; Lubos Fiser, Gyorgy Ligeti; Luciano Cilio; Karlheinz Stockhausen; Valerie and her Week of Wonders; Film scores; Early Electronic; Choirs; Progressive; Avant-Garde; Giacinto Scelsi; Podcast; Radio Show; Green Futures; Religious Music; Olivier Messiaen; Stanley Kubrick; Harry Partch; Egisto Macchi; Library Music
Downloads: 567 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]50) Simon - Curiouser & Curiouser - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
For the 50th show expect a globe-trotting, genre-hopping journey through twentieth century music. From mad murderous counts to holocaust survivors; every song has a story behind it and a sound uniquely its own.
Keywords: Huun Huur Tu; Angeelite; Curios; World Music; Carlo Gesualdo; Zdenik Liska; Werner Herzog; Shalom Katz; Holocaust; Communism; Red Army Choir; Pascals; Marketa Lazarova; Children of Sunshine; Dandelions; Folk; Opera; Modern Classical; Hip-Hop; Attwenger; Austria; Comedy Record; Tom Lehrer; Hasil Adkins; Wendy Carlos; Walter Carlos; Electronic; Nyabinghi; The Trees Community; Christianity; Amellita Galli Curci; Soprano; Throat-Singing; Eclectic; Radio Show
Downloads: 84
[audio]15) Simon - Kiwindie - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
The tiny country of New Zealand has far exceeded all expectations when it comes to making great music. During the '80s and '90s, they were the leading lights of the indie scene (I call it the Kiwindie scene). If you like catchy, jangly music, look no further. Ends with a mind-expanding stunner of a song by Roy Montgomery.
Keywords: Flying Nun; Xpressway; The Clean; Chris Knox; Roy Montgomery; Look Blue Go Purple; New Zealand; Kiwi; Plagal Grind; Indie; The Terminals; The Renderers; Velvet Underground
Downloads: 92
[audio]46) Simon- J-Pop & Twee Pop - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A show covering two genres which took pop music and made it their own personal playthings. Japan has released some of the most utterly bizarre and catchy pop music ever made, while Twee Pop completely shunned all traces of slickness and released some of the most earnest tuneage you're ever likely to hear. They're both awesome! Songs Played on the Show: (Bed: Hazel Nuts Chocolate - ハンプティ=ダンプティ=ラグ) 1) Halcali - Tandem 2) Gabby La-La - Backpack 3) Shiina Ringo - Kuki 4) ex-G...
Keywords: J-Pop; Twee Pop; Hazel Nuts Chocolate; Halcali; Shiina Ringo; Jun Togawa; ex-Girl; Yukihiro Takahashi; J-Rock; Art Pop; Gabby La La; Rocketship; Strawberry Story; Sarah Records; Dolly Mixture; Brittle Stars; My Little Airport; Plus-Tech Squeeze Box; Shonen Knife; The Motifs; The Cudgels; Kissing Mirrors; Indie Pop; Jangle Pop; Game Show
Downloads: 437
[audio]63) Simon - Ambient Music - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Allow yourself to drift away for an hour of beautiful ambient music and darkly surreal sketches. Songs Played on the Show: (Background) Stars of the Lid - Broken Harbors Part 2 1) Vasilisk - The Holy Mountain 2) Zone - The Crystal Opening 3) Caboladies - Earth Canal 4) Juppala Kaapio - Moosfluh 5) Pinknruby - Zacatek 6) Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays John Cassavetes 2 7) Svitlana Okhrimenko & Oliksandr Yurchenko - Znayesh Yak 06 8) Rapoon - A Softer Light 9) Terje Isungset - Fading Sun 10) A.C...
Keywords: Ambient; Drone; Ambient Pop; Sketch; Blue Jam; A.C. Marias; Electronic; Terje Isungset; Rapoon; Svitlana Okhrimenko; Oliksandr Yurchenko; Free Folk; New Age; Ambient Techno; Ekkehard Ehlers; John Cassavetes; Pinknruby; Juppala Kapio; Caboladies; Zone; Vasilisk; Brian Eno; Tribal Ambient; Dark Ambient; Krautrock; Tangerine Dream; Psychedelic; Dream Pop
Downloads: 499 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]93) Simon - Anatolian Rock - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
The best sixty-minute introduction to the mesmeric Turkish psyche-rock scene, which brought the Ottoman empire back to life in a blaze of fuzzy guitars and hypnotic polyrhythms. Songs played on the show: (Bed: Kara Kasli Yar - Deli Deli) 1) Selda Bagcan - Yaylalar 2) Husnu Orkestrasi - Su Derenin Sulari 3) Mazhar Ve Fuat - Sur Efem Atini (Bed: Mazhar Ve Fuat - Turkuz Turku Cagiririz) 4) Tandy Love (Andy Votel) - Mr...
Keywords: Turkish Rock; Psychedelic Rock; Anatolian Rock; Acid Rock; Ottoman Music; Fuzz Rock; Wah Wah Pedal; Folk Rock; Erkin Koray; Selda; Selda Bagcan; Alpay; Bunalim; Iron Butterfly; Blue Cheer; Stooges; Okay Temiz; Cem Karaka; Finders Keepers; Andy Votel; Apaslar; Krautrock; Can; Alex Oriental Experience; Baris Manco; Disco; 3 Hur-El; Tandy Love; Mazhar Ve Fuat; Husnu Orkestrasi; Library Music; Kara Kasli Yar; Beat Music; Garage Rock; Radio Show; Podcast
Downloads: 29
[audio]44) Simon - Punk Rock - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A great selection of rare and catchy pop-punk anthems, John Peel sessions and cathartic squalls! "What are you rebelling against?" Whaddya got!
Keywords: Punk Rock; Anarchopunk; Punk; Post-Punk; Pop-Punk; Proto-Punk; Noise Rock; Power Pop; John Peel; Perfumed Garden; The Slits; Crass; The Petticoats; The Fall; The Buzzcocks; Alternative TV; Sniffin' Glue; The Homosexuals; Desperate Bicycles; The Tours; Debris; The Electric Eels; Simply Saucer; The Adverts; X-ray Spex; Hubble Bubble; John Cale; Model Citizens; Come On; Disneyland; Swell Maps; Norwegian Punk; Norway; Anaconda; God Save The Queen; Billy Childish; Thee Headcoatees; Flipper
Downloads: 237
[audio]17) Simon - In Like Finn - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
60 minutes of musical madness from the battiest of the Scandinavian countries- any more than 60 minutes could result in a fatal overdose!
Keywords: Finland; Finnish Music; Experimental; Circle; Pori; Krautrock; Kemialliset Ystävät; Kuusumun Profeetta; Haikara; Trance; Blues Connection; Finders Keepers; Finnish; Helsinki; Pan Sonic; Kesto
Downloads: 103
[audio]57) Simon - Calypso & Rocksteady - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Trinidad and Jamaica both gave the world two of the most vibrant and breezy musical forms of the twentieth century. Calypso acted as a sort of bawdy musical newspaper, while Rocksteady was bursting full of honeyed harmonies and beautiful melodies. Both of them are more uplifting than a hot air balloon!
Keywords: Calypso; Rocksteady; Reggae; Caribbean; Lord Kitchener; Trinidad and Tobago; Jamaica; The Heptones; The Gaylads; The Paragons; Derrick Harriott; Lord Kitchener; Mighty Sparrow; Lord Beginner; Trojan; Mighty Growler; Cyril Diaz; Voodoo; Soundway Records; Lord Invader; Mighty Dictator; Count Lusher; Lion; Vocal Groups; Doo-Wop; Soul; Jazz; Ken Boothe; Alton Ellis; Justin Hinds; The Uniques; Monty Morris; Sonia Pontinger; Summer; Political Music; Protest Songs; Love Songs
Downloads: 219
[audio]21) Simon - Cosmic Jazz - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A none-more-hip and happening 18-Karat show with some of the most out there jazz sides waxed on disc. It's a guarantee that you will be at least 19% cooler after listenin' to this baaaad show. Smokin', solid, sharp and just plain supermurgitroid.
Keywords: Sun Ra; Philip Cohran; Cosmic Jazz, Alice Coltrane; Scat; Hip; Pharoah Sanders; Jazz Composers Orchestra; Jazz; Big Band; Avant Garde; Sonny Sharrock; Getatchew Mekuria; The Ex; Electric Guitar; Cosmic; Steve Reid; Radio Show; Soul Jazz; Fusion; Jive; Bop; Charlie Parker
Downloads: 288
[audio]45) Simon - Thai Dai - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Thailand, in its own quiet way, has produced some of the most remarkable music of the twentieth century. With labels like Sublime Frequencies, Soundway Records and Finders Keepers setting out to reissue as many Thai works as possible, the West can finally find out what it's been missing all these years.
Keywords: Thailand; Thai Music; Radio Thailand, Sublime Frequencies; Shadow Music; Luk Thung; Molam; Bhumibol Adulyadej; Luk Krung; Asian Music; Psychedelic; Funk; Soul; Thai Pop; Esoteric; Thai Pop Spectacular; Jazz; Field Recordings; Siam; Sound of Siam
Downloads: 282 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]78) Simon Ancient Music - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Nothing brings history to life quite like music! Travel back in time from the medieval age to as far back as 1950 BC by way of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Sumerians.Songs played on the show:(Bed: Christodoulos Halaris - Teretism) (Medieval Byzantine)1) Synaulia - Pavor (Ancient Roman)2) Ensemble De Organographia - A Zaluzi to the Gods (Hurrian Hymn 6, 1225 BC)/Musical Instructions for Lipit-Ishtar, 1950 BC3) Soliman Gamil - Pharoah Funeral Process (Ancient Egypt)4) Ali Jihad Racy -...
Keywords: Ancient Music, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Historical Music, Christian Music, Spanish Music, Hammurabi, Sumerian Music, Gail Laughton, Harp Music, Folk Music, Islamic Music, Pharoahs, Synaulia, Christodoulos Halaris, Byzantine Music, Soliman Gamil, Ali Jihad Racy, Gardzienice, Polish, Martin Codax, Sinfonye, Ancient Chinese Music, Ancient Japanese, Naxi, Dayan, Toshi Tsuchitori; Ancient Egyptian; Ancient Roman; Ancient Greek; Byzantine; Medieval; Ancient Christian; Ancient Spanish
Downloads: 483
[audio]10) Simon - Garage Rock Radio Show - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Charting the development of Garage Rock since the '60s.
Keywords: Simply Saucer; Troggs; Stooges; Dirtbombs; Oblivians; Garage; Garage Rock; Radio Show
Downloads: 384 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[audio]51) Simon - A Greek Odyssey - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Greece's music scene is often overshadowed by its other contributions to European civilisation. Hopefully people will start to realise that they've also been responsible for some of the most heavenly music of the past few decades, thanks to their unique instrumentation and gorgeous singers. Enjoy!
Keywords: Greek Music; Byzantine; Crete; Remebetiko; Kritika; En Plo; Folk; Psychedelic Folk; Progressive Folk; Medieval; Ancient Greece; Post-Punk; Art Pop; Opera; Orchestral; Radio Show; Lena Platanos; Savinna Yannatou; Mariza Koch; Aphrodite's Child; Vangelis; Akritas; Christodoulos Halaris; Dionysis Savvopoulos; Eirini Konitopoulou-Legaki; Nikos Xilouris; Psaradonis; Free Improvisation; Manos Hadjidakis; Soundtrack; Nikoleta Tsapra; Giannis Spanos; Giannis Palamidos
Downloads: 197
[audio]30) Simon - The Blues Radio Show - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
If you ever felt like life's chewed you up and spat you out, well the blues are for you. The blues aren't just about one man moaning over his sparse guitar picking. They also embrace folk, gospel, jazz and various other styles, and they can be just as much about celebration as disconsolation, which this show amply demonstrates. Enjoy!
Keywords: Blues; Gospel; Early Folk; Radio Show; Spiritual; Haunting; Mississippi John Hurt, J.B. Lenoir; Washington Phillips; Skip James; Leadbelly; Lillian Green; Una Mae Carlisle; Howlin' Wolf; Nina Simone; Blind Lemon Jefferson; Elizabeth Cotton; Memphis Sanctified Singers; Anthology of American Folk Music; Folkways; Charlie Patton; Blind Willie Johnson; Julius Daniels; Reverend J M Gates; Staple Singers
Downloads: 441
[audio]80) Simon - Polish Music - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
A wildly eclectic trek through Poland's music scene. Since 200 hundred years ago, when Chopin started making waves across the world, Poland's shown itself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to music. This show helps reveal why. Music played on the show: (Bed: Chudoba - Tumanoczok) 1) Marek Grechuta - Piosenka (Live) 2) Ksiezyc - A Ile Ma Lat 3) Tomasz Stanko - Man Of The North 4) Krzysztof Penderecki - Passover Canon 5) Witold Lutoslawski - (3 Poems by Henri Michaux...
Keywords: Polish Music; Free Jazz; Modern Classical; Chopin; Poezja spiewana; Chanson; Cabaret; Polish Film School; Wajda; Roman Polanski; Innocent Sorcerers; Bebop; Ewa Demarczyk; astigmatic; Tomasz Stanko; Krzysztof Komeda; Avant-Garde Jazz; Progressive Folk; Psychedelic Folk; Chudoba; Polka; Noise Rock; No Wave; Krautrock; Hanka Ordonowna; Filipinki; Alibabki; Girl Group; Classical; Serialism; Witold Lutoslawski; Penderecki; Stanley Kubrick; Anawa; PRudy; Marek Grechuta; Synth-Funk; Kombi; Polish Funk; Ksiezyc; Choral Music
Downloads: 249 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]31) Simon - Musica Italiana Radio Show - Simon Maxwell-Stewart
Charting Italy's always over the top and always enjoyable music scene. Expect to hear some gorgeous psychedelic folk, some crazy operatic prog, a lot of catchy post-punk and several excellent pieces from scores by masters like Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota. Grazie! Songs Played on the Show 1) Franco Battiato - Mutazione 2) Alan Sorrenti - Vorri Incontrarti 3) Lucio Battisti - Abbracciala Abbracciali Abbracciati 4) Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor - I'm In Love With My Computer 5) Sexy Angels - La ...
Keywords: Italian music; psychedelic folk; Pierrot Lunaire; Opus Avantra; Krautrock; Classical; Prog; progressive; synth pop; Italiana; new wave; post-punk; experimental; opera; scores; soundtrack; Ennio Morricone; Franco Battiato; Art Pop; Rock in Opposition; Avant Garde; Claudio Rocchi; Lucio Battisti; Nino Rota; Anton García Abril; Marcello Giombini; Chrisma; Stupid Set; Andy Warhol Banana Technicolour; Sexy Angels; Le Stelle di Mario Schifano, Radio Show; Podcast
Downloads: 858 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
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